The are 5 typical causes of roof leaks. However, most people don’t know what these causes are. This can make roof insurance claims, and knowing what your roof needs, more difficult.


Missing Shingles

The most common cause of roof leaks, missing shingles expose the underlayment of your roof to rain, snow, wind and sun. If you don’t conduct regular roof inspections, it becomes more likely that a missing shingle will go unnoticed and you will have a problem on your hands.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is what covers gaps where your roof meets another structure, such as a chimney. If it is not correctly installed or becomes damaged, flashing will inevitably cause leaks from your roof and sometimes from your siding. It is important to ask your roofing contractor to double-check any flashing installation they make on your roof and siding and have it regularly inspected.


The age of your roof can also be a cause for your roof leaks and can be a good indicator of whether you are in need of repair. Different roof designs can have an effect on how long your roof will be efficient. They are also constantly exposed to frequent weather disturbances that affect the health of the roofing material. When your roof nears the end of its service life, the material can start to become brittle, which makes it susceptible to chipping, cracking and other damage.

Sheer Force

Holes can be caused by the force of something hitting your roof at a high speed, this will be a clear source of a roof leak. Heavy hailstorms can dent and damage your roofing material. In extreme cases strong winds can uproot trees or knock off branches that crash onto your roof, which could require significant repairs to your roof, walls and you may even need new windows.

Shallow Roof Slopes

Shallow roofing slopes are a common cause of leaking, not but because of water pooling but shallow roofs also expose the shingles to higher risk of being torn off by strong winds. If a shingle is torn from your roof during a storm, it leaves a large gap, and an opportunity for rainwater to enter through the opening and get to the material underneath the shingles.

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