Many people will forget about their roof because they’re built to last for a few decades. There will be signs that your roof is either damaged or aging, but to the untrained eye, it can be very difficult to spot. Every roof eventually gives out, so it is critical to look for the subtle signs of aging, so you can properly repair, or even replace it before there are serious issues such as interior damages.


It is best practice to check your roof several times each year to search for any debris or damage. Checking regularly will help you catch damages early on, before it becomes irreparable. For safety reasons we are not going to recommend you climb on your roof for inspection, but it is important that you observe it from the ground, or call your local roofing expert to take a look.

Below you will find some of the signs you should keep an eye out for. If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to call Little Buckaroo Construction for an inspection.


The most common and notable issues will be found when carefully examining your shingles, if you find curling, cracked, broken, splitting, or missing shingles, then your roof is in need of an immediate replacement. Repairs and patches can be short-term solutions for some parts of the roof, but eventually, you will need to replace all of it.

Leaks will most frequently begin near your chimney, pipes, and/or vents, make sure you check these areas thoroughly for signs of damage or aging.

Next, check your gutters. The granules that make up your shingles may also be falling away into the gutters. This can be a signal of advanced damage, indicating that you should replace your roof sooner rather than later.

The roof’s age is another huge indicator of whether or not you need to replace it. Most roofs last about 15 to 20 years before they are in need or repair or replacement.  If your roof 15 years old or older, you should start preparing for a full roof replacement.


When it comes to spotting signs inside of your home, head to your attic. That is where you should be able to assess whether or not your roof needs repairs or a replacement.

Sagging and leaking are telltale signs. If it has rained or snowed recently, you may be able to spot signs of water damage (wet wood or insulation, stains, etc). Seeing outside light through your roof is a good indicator that it may be time for a replacement.


When you have decided it’s time to replace your roof, you will need to contact a professional roofing company like Little Buckaroo Construction. We have the experience and know-how to replace your roof and keep your home and family safe.

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