Your roof is amongst the most essential parts of your home – yes it’s one of the first things visitors will see, but more importantly it is the first line of defense against the elements. This means, however, weather is bound to take a major toll on roofing – and that doesn’t only include harsh conditions like snow and hail. The Sun itself can damage your roof, it may be slow but it is constant.


Little Buckaroo RoofingThe most common roofing materials are asphalt shingles, they are fairly vulnerable to Sun damage. Think about the different types of roofs across the world – inthe Mediterranean, for example, many homes are built with terracotta shingles because they can better handle the heat.


Heat causes materials to expand, as they cool they begin to contract. This process can cause slow, long term damage that increases as this process continues over many years. The UV rays from the sun can also damage roofs over time as they break down the microscopic bonds that hold tiles and shingles together. If there is any trapped air or moisture in your shingles – a relatively common problem that occurs during installation – your roof may experience blistering.

Additional effects can include bleaching or warping, these are also common results of long-term exposure to the Sun. The effects of bleaching are strictly cosmetic and will reduce the aesthetic value of your home. There is very little that can be done to reverse this process once it has begun. Warping, however, is a serious issue that often causes long-term structural problems. Cracks can also form because of the sun and heat, which will inevitably lead to leaks.


There is no foolproof sunblock for roofs, but there are plenty of easy ways you can extend the life of your roof. For one, you can select a high quality roofing material that is resistant to sun damage and built to last.

The most important thing to prolong the life of your roof is conducting regular inspections. An annual roof inspection will go a long way toward preventing the issues we discussed. By choosing to inspect your roof you can discover an issue even before it begins to develop. A cracked shingle here and there may not be the end of the world, but they can turn into a serious problem over time.

It may be a good idea to select certain materials that are better at resisting sunlight than others. Metal roofing, for instance, is reflective and resistant to warping and cracks. As such, it is far less likely to experience damage from sunlight than with traditional asphalt roofing. Terracotta, clay, or slate are materials that can handle the full force of the unrelenting Sun.

The best cure for sun damage is prevention and protection – simply hire your experienced local roofing contractor, Little Buckaroo Construction, to check your roof for damage. Sometimes, the best solution might be to invest in a new roof using higher quality, sun-resistant materials. Whatever you choose, being proactive about your roof is sure to add many years to its lifespan.

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