Window Styles

Double-Hung Windows

The most popular style window in Boise is the double-hung window, the windows that slide up and down vertically to open and close. Because of how common they are, they’re reasonably priced and easy to find. They’re also easy to operate and clean, a great option for most homeowners, hence the popularity.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows are the next most popular type. They swing open horizontally, similarly to a door, with a crank. You’ll see these windows on many homes going for a more ‘modern’ look. They’re secure, very energy efficient thanks to how tightly they close.

Most Common Frame Materials


Vinyl windows are incredibly popular in Boise, and most everywhere else, and for good reason. They are very energy efficient, durable, they require a small amount of maintenance and provide some variety in terms of style.


You’ll see wood windows on a lot of the older homes in Boise. They used to be far and away the most popular frame type but Vinyl and aluminum have gained a lot in popularity in recent years. Wood windows are still popular because of how stylish they are, their downfall is the swelling, shrinking and warping that can happen over time.


Aluminum is probably the most common window frame because they’re very cheap, the downside is, aluminum frames are not energy efficient at all.

Need to Replace Your Windows?

Whichever style you’re interested in, proper window installation is very important, which is why when you’re ready to replace your old or damaged windows, you should call Little Buckaroo Construction. Little Buckaroo Construction is an experienced window installation contractor in Idaho that will let you know when your windows are ready to be replaced. We will also advise you on what type of window, coatings, glazes, etc. are right for your home.

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