How to Choose Between Replacement Windows & New Construction Windows

So you are thinking of doing some renovations on your home, and you think you might want different windows. Are you going with Replacement Windows, or New Construction Windows? Did you even know that there were separate options? Below is an explanation of how they differ to better help you make an informed decision on how to cost-effectively renew your home.


New Construction Windows

New construction windows are designed to be put in while a new house or home addition is being built. They must be directly installed into the house’s framing with a nail and fin frame.

If you decide to go with New Construction Windows to renovate your home, the house’s frame must be exposed by taking down the siding on the outside of the house. This may not be too intrusive with vinyl siding, but with something like stone, brick, or other brittle siding material, it will likely not be possible to install New Construction Windows into the home. This might work out well if you plan to reface the entire house with new siding and trim, otherwise it can turn into a major waste of labor and time.

The upside to using New Construction Windows is that, due to the direct-to-frame nature of the installation, size and shape of window usually is not a problem. Want a circular window? Or maybe you want to keep the square shape, but angle it to look like a diamond? New Construction Windows can do that type of thing, but it takes a bit more work.


Replacement Windows

Also referred to as “retrofit” windows, Replacement windows are intended to do exactly what their name implies: replace the existing windows in your home. These are, of course, used most often for renovation projects.

Replacement windows are highly customizable. They can be fit to exactly the size and shape of the old windows. Or you could get creative. Still want to try that circle or diamond window? Or maybe one shaped like a heart, for some reason? Replacement Windows are for you.

These windows are often cheaper to install since they can be fit in the opening of the old window without the hassle of exposing the frame.

New Construction Windows, as well as Replacement Windows vary in cost depending on quality, size, material used, etc. Replacement Windows usually cost less than New Construction Windows because a ton of time and labor can be saved.

When it comes to choosing between New Construction Windows and Replacement Windows, it’s important to recognize that both styles exist for a reason. Each has a time and place where it’s better to use one over the other. New Construction Windows are most often used in brand new homes being built from the ground up, and Replacement Windows are used in remodels and renovations, with a few exceptions.


Need to Replace Your Windows?

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