One of the most important things to consider when doing any sort of home renovation is the durability of the replacement product. For example, when you replace your windows you want to know how long they’ll last before you need to replace them again.

Luckily, Little Buckaroo Construction is your local expert in window replacement. Our years of experience will help you better understand the importance of window replacement and how long they last.

The Importance of Materials

Much of your window’s durability over time will be determined by the materials of the frame. Some of the most popular choices include aluminum, solid wood, and vinyl.

Some advantages and disadvantages of each:

  • Aluminum is a very strong structural material, this allows aluminum windows to last a very long time. On the downside, aluminum is one of the worst materials for insolation. Because of increased energy costs, these windows may end up costing you more over time, but the window itself can last as long as 30-40 years before it needs replacing.
  • Wood is a traditional choice for window frames, as many homeowners love the classic look. The typical wooden window lasts 10-20 years if you are good about keeping up on maintenance. It does require more maintenance than other types though and neglecting could lead to warping.
  • Vinyl is an ideal material for windows, it is both very durable and efficient. It can be manufactured to match practically any color trim, or even made to look like natural wood grain. It requires very little maintenance, which is important because maintenance can be a huge pain with high and out of reach windows.

The Importance of Quality

While materials are important in regard to the longevity of your windows, the build itself is of equal importance.

Here are some characteristics to compare to select a long-lasting replacement window:

  • U-factor. This is a measure of your window’s thermal efficiency. The lower your U-factor, the better built your windows are, which will help keep your utility bills down.
  • Durability can be hard to measure, but a great way to compare is by looking at the warranty. Some windows have a lifetime warranty, that is a clear sign of confidence in the product.


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