Consistent exposure to the elements for years is bound take it’s toll on your roof. Missing shingles, water stains and fluctuating temperatures inside your home—these are clear signs that point to roofing problems. Keep an eye out for these red flags and act before the problem can worsen.

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One of the biggest problems with roof leaks is most homeowners don’t realize they have one until they see obvious damage done to their home—at which point the leak has already reached an advanced stage.  The source of a leak is typically in a completely different part of your home from where you see visible water damage, which further complicates your problem. Water will often travel along your roof panels before falling onto your insulation, leaving water spots on your ceiling. Water spots in your interior don’t necessarily mean you have a roof leak but it is always best to schedule a professional inspection to make sure, and prevent further damage.


For newly installed roofs, granules in the gutters are not cause for concern, as they are likely just loose granules that fell off during installation. If your roof is older however, and it’s shedding granules, this could be a sign that your shingles are damaged. Your granules protect your shingles from harmful UV ray’s, so when they start to fall off, your shingles can start to become brittle and even crack. If you have noticed inefficiencies with your gutters lately, there may be granules and other debris blocking the flow of water. Turn to us for a professional roofing inspection.


Dark and patchy areas on your roof are a big sign that some of your shingles are missing. This could be due to small animals running up and down your roof or possibly a damaged sealant strip. To hold shingles in place, they have a sealant on their underside. When they start to become old and brittle, the sealant begins to fail and your shingles can come loose.

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