Something we are asked many times during this time of year is, can you replace windows in the winter? Our answer is, absolutely! We’ll talk about any potential issues with replacing your windows during the winter and why they aren’t actually an issue.

You might be concerned about the temperature drop in your home due to the hole in your wall where a window once was. What most people don’t realize is the time between removing your old window and having the new one in, is only about 5 minutes, possibly 10 for a larger window. Most of the work is done prior to the actual installation, the opening is carefully measured before we order your window, then measured again. Once your old window is out, it’s actually a quick job to put the new one in.

Winter is typically when homeowners will really feel the effects of an old window. If you still have the outdated, original single pane, wood-framed windows in your home. You’ll be blown away by the difference even a lower-end new vinyl window can make. Your home will not only stay warmer and save you money on energy, but outside noises will be filtered out.

Little Buckaroo Construction is an experienced window installation contractor in Idaho that will let you know when your windows are ready to be replaced. We will also advise you on what type of window, coatings, glazes, etc. are right for your home.

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